Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bold and Lightweight Earrings

These earrings were made to be bold and lightweight.  The ones of polymer clay can barely be felt when holding them and are guaranteed not to pull on the ear lobe.  They are silk screened on the front and hand-drawn on the back.  All of the polymer clay earrings are embedded with Swarovski crystals.  The corrugated earrings are very light in weight.  The forged earrings (top right and bottom middle) weight a bit more.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I am SHE

I am SHE is a concept bracelet with a face of your choice.  The bracelets are polymer clay that is permanently affixed to a brass cuff and signed on the interior.  These faces are not painted in any way; they are hand-sliced from a cane of polymer clay – think cane like candy cane.  It takes in excess of a day to design and create each face cane.  After the face is sliced from the cane, my hands manipulate it further adding hair and perhaps a hat or earrings.  No two faces can be exactly the same.

Select the complexion, eye and hair color you desire.  Do you wish a short bob or flowing locks? Finally decide what you would like to say about yourself ... using a phrase that fits on the bracelet.  My bracelets say “I am she who must be obeyed” and “I am she who walks with helium balloons”.  See a part of the list of phrases contributed by others.  A Zentangle design is added and the cuff is sealed with a transparent glossy film.  

At this time I have deep brown and a caramel face canes.  Some have brown eyes and one has green eyes.  All colors are possible upon request.

I am She Who …. Suggestions
·      Is to come
·      Must be obeyed
·      Your mother warned you about
·      Walks in faith
·      Believes
·      Loves to laugh
·      Has no regrets
·      Dreams
·      Says yes to life
·      Walks with helium balloons
·      Wears red
·      Is multifaceted
·      Is spirit
·      Gives her all
·      Loves
·      Is happy
·      Is smart
·      Is powerful
·      Leads
·      Rules
·      Loves life
·      Creates
·      Must have chocolate
·      Sees possibilities
·      Loves to dance
·      Splashes in puddles
·      Smells the roses
·      Is divine
·      Shops
·      Stands tall
·      Knows
·      Questions
·      Travels
·      Loves men
·      Praises God
·      Has friends
·      An original
·      Is style
·      You have waited for

Monday, July 13, 2015

Paris: Summer 2015

Paris – Summer 2015:  The summer presented an opportunity to design and create two lines of necklaces using prefabricated materials, resin and borosilicate glass.  (It is difficult to travel with all the tools and machinery needed to fabricate metal.)  The lines are both bold in scale and extremely lightweight, allowing the wearer to feel comfortable when wearing the jewelry for an extended period of time. 

Of the two lines, the resin has almost no weight.  The borosilicate glass is imported from Italy and has considerably more weight.  To offset the weight, resin and hollow Hill Tribe sterling silver components were added instead of heavier components.  Borosilicate glass appears delicate yet it is extremely durable.  Each of the necklaces is offered in very limited edition.  Below are a few samples of the work.  Please inquire about prices.

Borosilicate necklaces must be stored flat to prevent stretching.  I store all of my jewelry, except pearls, flat in clear baggies.   Clear containers, as opposed to opaque ones, allow the owner to make more appropriate and interesting choices when deciding which piece best compliments an outfit.

Before leaving New York, I designed a signature sterling silver ring, which is available upon request.  Mine is cast in sterling silver, but the ring can be made for you in sterling, gold, platinum or the metal of your choice.  The price is based on the cost of the metal at the time of the order.  As of this printing, the ring in sterling is $135.00, plus shipping and handling.  The bracelet requires a fair amount of metal.  In addition to the noble metals named above, an alternate and attractive choice is white brass, which is shown in the photo.  It resembles sterling silver and is one-third of the cost.

Upon my return, I plan to explore additional possibilities with polymer clay, using the lost wax process and to a limited degree, borosilicate glass.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer 2013 Update

Please visit me at the Real Designer Market on Saturday, July 13.  We are located at 268 Mulberry street in Soho behind The Puck Building --- from 11 - 7.  To inquire about future appearances e-mail

About the featured jewelry -- it is very lightweight and the clasps are easy to fasten.  I designed and assembled the aluminum chain.  Every aspect of the sterling silver necklace, including the clasp, was designed and formed by my own hands.  It is also available in copper.  The clay earrings are so lightweight that you do not feel them on the ear, yet they are bold and dynamic.  The metal cuffs were formed and textured by my hands from singe sheets of metal.  The wire is hand formed.  One question I am frequently asked is how I "paint" the jewelry.  As a reminder, it is clay throughout and each piece is one of a kind.   Remember you are an original and life is too short not to wear original jewelry.

I also anticipate vending at a pop up shop on August 17.  More to follow about that venture.  Meanwhile. here are some of the items that I will show this week end.  The clay "face-bracelets" are new.  Each face has its own personality.  If you have an idea for a face or design that you would like to wear, speak with me and I will see if we can't make that happen.  Follow my blog and get a 10% discount on your first purchase.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Come Visit -- Here's a Sneak Peek

Starting Saturday, March 30, I will be a vendor at the Real Designer Market, located at 268 Mulberry Street (in SoHo -- just behind the Puck Building).  After this date, I will participate on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month through May, when the semester will end at CCNY and I can reassess my time.  Hence my dates will be April 13 and 27, and May 11 and 25.  This indoor market is open from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM.  There are many other designers of a wide variety, so it is sure to be a pleasurable experience for you.  I would love to see your smiling face even on days when you are just out for a stroll.

This summer I will display only polymer clay and will transition to metal and Venetian glass in the fall.  Of course all other work is available for viewing and sale by appointment.  The polymer clay work being shown through the summer is priced between $10.00 and $100.00, with the averages prices being between $30 - $45.  If you see a design that appeals to you and would like it designed in the color of your choice, this is possible.

I blended each color, created each cane and designed each piece of jewelry.  Due to the malleability of the clay, even pieces from the same cane are not identical.  You will always have an original.

I am selling rings, bracelets, lockets, necklaces and pins that I have named "serendipity stones".  They are so named because when bits of a clay cane are left over after I complete a piece of jewelry, I roll it, twist it and then cut it open to see what is inside.  A pleasant surprise always waits.  Pin it to a jacket, hat or dress.  For sure it is a one-of-a-kind statement that could not be repeated even if I tried.  This original art is priced at $7.50.

Here are photos of the types of wearable art that I will sell.  (I am still working and will do so until Friday night.)  Please share this information with your friends.  The other designers and I need and appreciate additional exposure.  Many of the earrings can be viewed on previous posts.