Friday, December 7, 2012

There has been increased interest in some of my new work and it is my pleasure to share with you.  Should you be interested in procuring any of the work, give a shout.  While not two pieces are identical, the feel will be consistent.

My newest love has been polymer clay.  Here are three samples of necklaces.  I create the color and hand-form and texture each bead.   No two beads are exactly alike as I do not use molds in their creation.  There are other colors, so inquire if you have an interest or if you want something designed just for you!

Actually, I bought the blue resin beads and components.  Then I created the design, but I could easily re-create this making beads in polymer clay in any color.  The resin necklace is also presently available in a vibrant purple and chocolate.

The first and third necklaces are totally designed and fabricated by yours truly.

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